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PALADIN, "L'atelier du chocolat" was created in Beirut in 1958.

The company founder Sarkis Balgachian was one of the first chocolate makers in Lebanon, a pioneer in the Lebanese market. One of his big successes was to be able to adapt all his knowledge and skills in the making of refined and traditional chocolate making acquired in Belgium, Switzerland and France to the Middle Eastern taste.

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Soon his wife a specialist in the creation and design of floral arrangements and Arts joined him. As she is German she very quickly allied practicality to creativity and was the first to introduce special occasions arrangements made out of Crystal, ceramics and Silver ware imported from Europe.
Innovation, pride, perfection and constant creativity are the trademarks of Paladin.
The company has been growing since and has implemented a new factory in Baabda in 2005.

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Growing up in this fascinating chocolate world: his two children; one specialized as food Engineer the second as International Food Manager joined the company in 2002. News Concepts and ideas were introduced to give the brand a new image. but keeping in mind that quality and tradition have been the two assets that had brought the brand to its notoriety and kept its customers loyal through the years. With 50 years of experience, Paladin brings a unique style and technique to the chocolate fillings.